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Buy bitcoins via iTunes Gift Card with Mexican Peso (MXN)

208400.25 MXN
Trade limit:
200 - 10000MXN
Time of payment:
30 minutes

How much do you want to trade?


Trade Guidelines

1. Please read and make sure you understand the trade terms before starting a trade.
2. Please communicate with your trade partner using the CoinCola Live Chat window and save your chat records.
3. Trading assets are under protection of the platform during a trade, If there is a transaction dispute, the platform can be requested to intervene. For details, please refer to "Help".
4. After a trade has started, digital assets are moved to a secure trade escrow. If you are a buyer, after starting a trade, please send payment via the agreed payment method and mark the transaction as sent. After the seller receives the payment and marks it as received, assets will be released from the escrow automatically. Please read the CoinCola terms of service and user guides in the Support section before trading.
5. Please be aware of any fraudulent activity and always check a trader's trade feedback before starting any trades.
6. In the event of dispute, CoinCola will evaluate all information provided before coming to a decision.

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Payment method
Trade limit
BTCiTunes Gift Card30-1000 SGD22486.04 SGD/BTCBuy BTC
BTCiTunes Gift Card150-10000 HKD92377.5 HKD/BTCBuy BTC
BTCiTunes Gift Card100-10000 DKK93982.48 DKK/BTCBuy BTC
BTCiTunes Gift Card100-10000 NOK115798.9 NOK/BTCBuy BTC
BTCiTunes Gift Card100-5000 ZAR171224.43 ZAR/BTCBuy BTC
BTCiTunes Gift Card20-5000 BRL49698.07 BRL/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card100-26570 ZAR199761.83 ZAR/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-2000 SGD18738.74 SGD/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-10000 SEK132540.51 SEK/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-5000 PLN53540.36 PLN/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-1000 NZD20986.23 NZD/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card100-10000 NOK125448.18 NOK/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card100-34651 MXN260512.04 MXN/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card1000-2158400 KRW16227047.91 KRW/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-201547 JPY1515253.7 JPY/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-10000 HKD107773.76 HKD/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-10000 DKK93982.48 DKK/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-2000 BRL57981.08 BRL/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-5000 AED50931.39 AED/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-1000 GBP10605.99 GBP/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-1000 AUD20306.7 AUD/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-1000 CAD18230.82 CAD/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-1000 EUR12576.81 EUR/BTCBuy BTC
BTCSteam Gift Card10-100 USD13866.43 USD/BTCBuy BTC
BTCiTunes Gift Card100-10000 SEK198806.79 SEK/BTCBuy BTC
Trade terms with zzy476834073:
My Wechat: wdcm18888
My WhatsApp:+8615872911777
***********Do not accept more than 100***********
IF you have NO trust on my side to process the card, DO NOT trade, no time to deal with complain when it has issue like been redeemed before

Do not send anything,before talk about good deals.

****RUDE and STUPID traders are NOT welcome here****

This offer is MXN iTunes Gift Card ONLY. Not Apple Music Card
1.Tell me card face value . such as :200*1、300*1、600*1、1000*1
2.Upload clearly picture. Complete picture. card must show the amount
3.Physical card olny. not E- code picture or Code.
4.Waiting for me to check your card, and then give you to release bitcoin
5. i only need $200、 $300、$600、$1000 face value .


note: Can not accept scanned images, PhotoShop images, otherwise I will not assume any responsibility.
.If you do not have clear picture, you must provide the correct code, I do not have time to try the code, if you can not provide the correct code more than 2 times, I will refuse to trade.

If card has already been redeemed, you are in dispute . you need provide invoice and redemption details
Please provide as soon as possible, otherwise I will not bear any responsibility

Do not waste my time, my work is fast and efficient, if you delay my work, I will choose to block you