CoinCola will be giving away $1,000 USD in Bitcoin to in 2 PROMOTIONS during this Black Friday period.

Anyone who participates will split the Bitcoin by the number of reward tokens you get. If we issue a total of 100 tokens on a particular day for $100 bonus and you get 1 token, that 1 token will qualify you to split the $100 amongst other participants.How to get token?

2019/11/25 0:00 to 2019/12/03 0:00 (HKT)

All campaign participants will receive a certain number of reward tokens after they complete A Buy Bitcoin trade with gift card, except the vendors.

Get Tokens in Each Trades
$ 25-50
$ 51-100
$ 101-200
$ 201-500
$ 501-over
Terms and Service:

1. You must sign up for the promotion to get the token. Trades made before you sign up this promotion will not be rewarded.
2. Vendors don’t get token in this promotion.
3. The bonus for Promotion A will be released at 14:00 HKT in the next working day.
4. CoinCola reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades or illegal bulk registration account, self-dealing or display attributes of market manipulation, etc..

Share this campaign on your social media or whatsapp status to split $200 BTC!

How to win the bonus?
  • Save the banner
  • Follow us
  • Post the banner on social with the hashtags and the link
  • Take a screenshot of the number of views you got!
  • Send Private Message with your screen shot to @CoinCola or @CoinColaNigeria in FB/TW/IG
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Terms and Service:

1. Every CoinCola Users can join the Promotion B.
2. If a CoinCola User have multiple social posts are qualified for this promotion, only the highest engaged one is rewarded.
3. Participants should contact us for your reward before the end of promotion (2019/12/03 0:00 HKT).
4. The rewards will be released in 2019/12/04 14:00 HKT
5. CoinCola reserves the right to disqualify candidates that are deemed to be dump posts or illegal bulk registration account, fake or manipulated engagements etc..

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